We provide cutting-edge innovative distributed generation services spanning the acquisition, development, financing, construction, and operation of DG, C&I, and community solar related projects across North America.

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Explore what's possible with C2 Energy

Explore what's possible with C2 Energy

Explore what's possible with C2 Energy

Explore what's possible with EDPR NA DG

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Advancing the world's sustainability efforts through the development of renewable energy.

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EDPR NA DG is building award-winning renewable energy projects that last. 


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ABOUT EDPR NA Distributed Generation

At EDPR NA Distributed Generation (“EDPR NA DG”), accelerating the adoption and success of distributed generation is at the core of our mission. EDPR NA DG provides cutting-edge innovative renewable energy services to the entire North American region. Built on long-standing relationships with developers, power generators, corporate purchasers, municipalities, and local communities, EDPR NA DG delivers a full suite of offerings ranging from financing and development to construction and operation of energy and storage assets poised to scale. To date, EDPR NA DG has an operating capacity of 89 MW, with a near-term pipeline of more than 150 MW, across 200 sites in 16 states. 

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