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Working collaboratively with developers, power generators, corporate purchasers, municipalities, and local communities, EDPR NA Distributed Generation finances, develops, constructs, and operates renewable energy assets across North America.

Richard Dovere
Chief Investment Officer

Award-winning team.

Quality-driven solar projects.

Accelerating the adoption and success of distributed generation is at the core of our mission. We believe well-planned and well-constructed distributed generation installations make good business sense, and we take pride in our projects and long-standing relationships.

EDPR NA Distributed Generation's comprehensive project support allows your company to maximize profitability while achieving your sustainability goals.

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Experienced Project Managers

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Quality Projects

Truly innovative renewable energy solutions require a team that holds itself to a higher standard. With over 89 MW of operating capacity and more than 150 MW under construction across 200 sites in 16 states, we believe each project is unique, offering our customers tailored financial and engineering solutions to develop best-in-class projects.


As the long-term owner and operator, we are with our customers every step of the way and take pride in every project we develop together.

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Hands-on Leadership

Hands-on leadership is demonstrated through our uncompromising rigorous project and asset management quality and safety standards. We are developers, not spectators. We choose the equipment, we visit all the sites, and we inspect every project ourselves.


EDPR NA DG delivers truly innovative renewable energy solutions built to last.

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Safety Focused
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EDPR NA DG deeply cares about the safety of every project developed by our team.


We align our client's best interest with our own, taking significant steps to ensure each project is inspected and designed to the highest standards available.


Meet the team

We are the largest solely dedicated distributed generation team in North America. With award-winning industry experts ranging from financiers to developers and engineers, we are proud to be EDPR NA Distributed Generation. 

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Richard Dovere
Chief Investment Officer
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